Link love

I present you this list of links of musicians and other creative people whom I know personally and who inspire me with their creativity and support.  I hope you enjoy discovering their work!

Pop/ Jazz/ Rock/ Punk

  • The site of SweeT, a musical duo that started out in Shanghai but is currently planning to move to Europe, so keep an eye on their site and Facebook page for tour dates! You can also follow them on Soundcloud and YouTube. Sherry has the voice to seduce you and Tobias hits all the right notes on his guitar to make you melt. They are simply SweeT together!
  • If you’re up for a lot of decibels and even more fun and rock & roll attitude, then check out the Facebook page of Croatian punk sensation Mašinko. They will dazzle you with their energy and surprisingly catchy tunes, and as a bonus you might pick up some Croatian along the way.
  • Be sure to check out the beautiful, moody soundscapes of my Swedish friend Annasara. She writes wonderful songs in chamber-pop style and her voice is amazing.
  • The Swiss band Knuts Koffer is totally crazy. Their latest album (release October 2018) consists of Croatian lyrics only, taken from a German-Croatian travel-phrase book! (Fun fact: my husband Daniel recorded violin and I sang backing vocals on a couple of the songs on this album, which was co-produced by Mark, the producer who recorded both of my albums). Even if you don’t understand the lyrics I highly advise you listen to their songs 🙂

Classical music and Double Bass

  • If you would like to travel through time, carried by the velvety sounds of the violone (early version of the double bass) and the “viola d’amore” (how could you resist a name like that?), then you should definitely check out duo Sweet 17 on YouTube. You can keep up to date with their concert dates on their Facebook page.
  • Double bass students, lovers and amateurs, have I got the site for you! Since October 2015, renowned double bass player Korneel Le Compte is teaching at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (classical and baroque bass), and he is sharing all his “tricks of the trade” on his brand new, insightful and entertaining “Room 273 Brussels Bass Blog“. Worth reading!
  • The site of Dejana Sekulic only presents you with the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to her creative endeavors. Violinist, fashion designer,  pedagogue, webdesigner and all-round awesome person… Her site is a gem to be explored! You can also follow her on Soundcloud.
  • In need of updates, but worth a visit: the site of my wonderful other half, Daniel Kuzmin, violinist extraordinaire.

Creative family

  • My mother, Marjam Godderis, is the driving force behind Hatamari Handmade Hats. She will stun you with her colorful and striking hat designs for ladies, gentlemen and children.
  • My aunt Triene-Mie Le Compte has written a lovely children’s book. Visit her website to discover the magical world of her newest literary creation.
  • My cousin Rembrand Le Compte draws fantastic cartoons. Check them out here!
  • My youngest brother, Ceylan Le Compte has his own gaming YouTube channel that is very successful. Worth a visit if you want to know all there is to know about Minecraft and other popular video games.
  • My grandmother, Begga D’Haese, makes beautiful wooden sculptures (“trees” and “women”) and large paper collages.
  • My uncle Hannes D’Haese, creates extremely bright and colorful paintings and painted statues. Impossible to be unhappy while looking at them!
  • My aunt Aldegonde Le Compte takes very imaginative and creative photographs.
  • My cousin Delphine Lecompte writes some badass poetry. You can read some of it here.