For as long as I can remember, I’ve been humming and singing songs to myself. And then later, putting words and stories to the melodies I made up.

I remember clearly one moment when I was a little girl (maybe four years old), when I heard a song on the radio, and I coulnd’t understand the words. When I asked my dad “what the lady is singing”, he said it was a song in English (as opposed to my native Dutch language). I remember finding the song so beautiful and mysterious. I answered: “When I grow up, I’m going to sing songs in English!”

And so here I am, “grown up” (even though, do you ever really get there?), and I do indeed sing songs in English. My inner little girl would be contented, I think. But it has taken me many years and many detours to get to the point where I finally took the plunge and headed to the studio to get those songs I had written out of my head and into the mic/ on tape (or, since we’re not living in the 70s, into the computer).

From the moment I set foot into the vocal booth I knew this was IT. There aren’t many things I’d rather spend my time doing than recording music. It felt like coming Home.

If I had to describe my music style in three words (hey, it’s the age of social media and three words is all we have the attention span for, after all), they would be: dreamy, nostalgic and intimate. Or at least, for the most part I think they sound like that. 

My biggest hope is that through my songs I can make people feel a sense of connection – with themselves, with their loved ones, with nature, strangers and the wider world.

It sounds like a lofty goal, but when I think of my favourite songs and how they make me feel, I realise once again that music really is very powerful and in an instant can change our outlook on a situation, or lift us up when we feel down, or even make us realise or remember something very profound, some deeper truth that may have remained buried within us forever had that song never reached our ears. (the same could be said about books, poems, paintings and all other forms of art).

So I will continue… One song, one phrase, one melody at the time. And I hope that you can hear and feel the love and joy I pour into my songs, and that they can make your days a little brighter when you listen to them.