Some thoughts on social media

After a long break from my site and from social media, I’ve decided to return to my corner of the internet. But I’ll make it a smaller, cozier corner than what I had before. Let me explain…

The reason I went offline for a while (my last blog post was more than 2 years ago!), was that it all just started feeling so pointless.

There’s so much noise online, new “content” is being spewed at us from all directions, every minute of the day and night. But how much of that actually brings us something worthwhile? What do we remember, what really touches us, makes us happy or makes us think more deeply about things? Most of it is either so unimportant that we forget it as soon as we see it, or – worse – actually makes us feel bad (sensational news, influencers who only show their most fabulous – and unrealistic – side of life). And the stuff that’s actually worthy of our time and attention gets buried in the pile and we never get to see it.

So, when I started thinking about this, I became overwhelmed by the whole prospect of maintaining an “online presence” as a musician. On the one hand, I didn’t want all that info coming at me like that anymore. I wanted my time and attention span back. On the other hand, I didn’t want to be a part of the noise, the empty information that’s overloading the social media feeds, and brains, of people.

So I quit. No more Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Following only a handful of blogs and podcasts I truly enjoyed. Very limited amount of reading the news. And it felt so good! Of course it also helped that I had just become a mother and so 1) my life, even without digital distractions, was very busy, and 2) nothing was happening on the music front that I felt I had to “share” and “post”.

But here we are, two years later, and my baby is no longer a baby, but an energetic kindergartener. And I start finding little pockets of time again for my music and songwriting. Ideas are popping up: Wouldn’t it be fun if I record… if I write a song about… or, hmm, an EP about the theme… And what’s that floating into my head, could it be the start of a melody? Why yes, it is! Let me grab my phone and record it before it flies off, never to return again.

All that to say… music making, writing songs, lyrics and poetry, creating recordings, singing… are all a part of me. And in order to share those creations with a world that’s wider than just my closest family and friends, I actually do need the internet. Or at least a version of it that feels meaningful and real to me and to the people that care to visit me online.

Here’s what I’ve arrived at. I’m not returning to Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or whatever else exists now (yes, I guess I am that geriatric millennial that doesn’t know, or care, what comes after TikTok anymore). I’m keeping YouTube for my music videos, an Instagram music page for easy sharing of updates, and this website where I can keep everything organized in one place. And that will be enough.

And I would like to ask you, dear reader and listener, that if ever you tire of my “content”, to not feel guilty about tuning me out. Unfollow, unlike, take a digital break. It can only do you good. In the meantime, I will do my best to post only things that I think are worthy of your time and attention.

Thank you for reading, and until next time.


PS: An interesting book I read about how to mindfully navigate social media was “Digital minimalism: Choosing a focused life in a noisy world” by Cal Newport.

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