Video shoot feat. spooky twin and hyper Pomeranian

by violalecompte

Last weekend Daniel and I took advantage of the sunny weather and drove around Helsingborg, on the lookout for beautiful scenery that could serve as a background for the music video for “Who’s to say”, one of the songs on the new album. We shot some footage in a forest, and then drove on to Kullaberg, a beautiful nature reserve where I lip synced on the cliffs with the wind in my hair and the open sea behind me (sounds glamorous, but now imagine it with me being 7 months pregnant and thus quite wobbly and with said wind blowing said hair straight in my eyes and mouth for most of the time. But fun was had either way :D)IMG_1209

We also had a couple of visitors on set… First there was my spooky twin (you’ll have to wait for the video to see more of her, but here’s a little preview)


And then there was the cutest fluffiest tiniest OMG OMG I wanted to keep her little Pomeranian puppy who insisted on being held and cuddled and filmed, of course, as the star she was. Do yourself a favor and watch the video here. It’s 39 seconds of pure happiness (mostly mine, but I think the dog looks very excited as well).


Happy rest of the workweek, you guys! What’s in store the next couple of days? Any fun weekend plans in the making?