Friday favorites

by violalecompte


I hope you all had a  nice week (so far) and that you’re ready for the weekend 🙂 I thought it would be nice to start a little series of sorts here on the blog.  And I was thinking about all the songs I like, and all the musicians and the albums… and then I got this idea of starting a little post that I could repeat weekly, where I share some of these favorites with you. I always like to hear what other people listen to, what gets them all excited and happy, what makes their hearts feel full and alive and makes their eyes light up… So I’m looking to share the things that make me feel like that with you. I hope you like the idea and that you will follow along!

Now to get started… This month I have a daily commute of 2 hours and I find it the perfect time to discover some new music. The first nice discovery I made was this one-man-band called “A part of”. I got into his music through his Instagram account. I headed over to Soundcloud to hear more of his songs and now I’m hooked! This one is my favorite so far (even though it’s hard to pick just one favorite, they’re all so different and I like all of them!) Great melodies, poetic lyrics (“could things be better in the space between the colors of the rainbow” is one beautiful example) and innovative, original songwriting. So glad I discovered him!

The second “new” artist I got into is The tallest man on earth, who is apparently a Swedish singer-songwriter that I somehow never heard of until now (shame!) He sounds exactly like Bob Dylan and I have his album “The wild hunt” on constant repeat.

How beautiful is his song “Like the wheel”? I tear up every time I hear that last line… His lyrics are just amazing.

I hope you enjoyed these! I’ll be back with more favorites next Friday (and in the meantime… I’ll send some more lyric videos your way via YouTube)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,