In the studio

by violalecompte

Hello to all of you! I’m happy to announce that 2016 started in a very nice way… Over the Christmas holidays we started on the recording of my first album! It will contain 11 songs, some I wrote a long time ago, others brand new. We managed to record 7 of them in December, and in February we go back to the studio in Zagreb to record the 4 other songs and to add some double bass here & there.

All in all it was a very fun “first time in the studio” experience, which I mostly contribute to the positive and enthusiastic attitudes of my partners-in- crime: Daniel (violin, drums, hand clapping and overall being a supportive and doting husband) and Mark (producing, keyboard, guitars and just being a sound wizard with awesome ideas).

I’m looking forward to more studio time next month, and I hope to share some songs with you soon! Stay tuned…