Viola Le Compte

Singer-Songwriter from Belgium, based in Sweden, in love with Croatia

Upcoming concert…

Next Saturday, August 11th, I’m playing on the Paulusfeesten in Oostende, Belgium. We start at 17:30 and will play songs of my first album, “Love is love”, for about an hour. I will be accompanied by Sherry Xie on bass and backing vocals, Daniel Kuzmin on violin and rhythm, Tobias Le Compte on guitar and keys and Korneel Le Compte on guitar/ ukulele and bass. We hope to see your lovely faces in the crowd on Saturday and to chat and have some drinks with you after the show!

For the full program on Saturday, click here.



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Studio time!

We have been spending some time in Mark’s studio these last couple of days, recording the songs for album no. 2! So happy to be back here, and I can’t wait to start sharing some of the new material with all of you…

In the meantime… Happy summer! (and hopefully some holidays!)




Love is love (music video!)


Love is love music video (teaser ;))

This little love story is sailing your way… Estimated arrival: this Valentine’s Day!

(So excited to share the full music video with you in less than a week! And so thankful for the wonderful talents of animator Elina Spura for bringing my song to life with her beautiful drawings. Love love love!)



Concert in Brussels July 27th!

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Welcome to the release concert of my first album, “love is love”, tomorrow in the center of Brussels in Boom café (rue Plétinckx 7) at 19h! Looking forward to sharing my music with you…

SUMMER playlist on Spotify

I hope you’re all enjoying the warmer weather and (hopefully) some well deserved holidays!

I’ve been playing around with playlisting on Spotify, and have compiled this collection of summery songs written and performed by female musicians. From Emiliana Torrini to Melody Gardot (and some new favorites in between), these are perfect to enjoy while lounging around in the shade, sipping a cold drink and getting lost inside a delicious daydream…

I’ll be adding new songs from time to time, so feel free to follow the playlist to keep listening along 🙂

Happy summer!

“The longer the note, the more dread”

This made me laugh so hard. “The longer the note, the more dread.” From “The peep show”, one of my favorite TV series. Check it out if you don’t know it, you might get hooked.

Friday Favorites

So I got a little behind on the upkeep of this “favorites” section… But here are a couple of things that I enjoyed these last two weeks:

First, how delightful is this? Makes me wanna go out and buy a whole bunch of kid’s instruments to experiment with, so fun.

Second, I’ve been on a Radiohead roll. It’s great music for getting lost in while walking around the city. Outwardly I look like a functioning adult, grocery shopping, but inside of my ears, this is going on:

Have a great weekend!