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Singer-Songwriter from Belgium, based in Sweden, in love with Croatia

Flowers and soldiers

3 Years ago on this day I woke up – on holiday in Zagreb – to the horrible news of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, my hometown. I was sick with worry about my loved ones. Luckily all of them were safe. But 32 others, other people’s loved ones, died that day, and over 300 were wounded.
I wrote this song 3 years ago in memory of all those who lost their lives that day day to pointless violence, and I hope it never happens again.

(Beautiful sketches courtesy of Wannes Cuvelier).


Life lately

Sorry for the long silence! On December 28 our baby boy was born and there hasn’t been any time to really devote to blog posts, songwriting or making music videos. But somehow time has flown by and it’s March already?! Soon our boy will be 3 months old, and soon spring will be here, and – also soon – I will release a new song and video (like, at the end of this month if all goes well). In the meantime, take care and cuddle your loved ones, because time doesn’t stand still ❀

Video shoot feat. spooky twin and hyper Pomeranian

Last weekend Daniel and I took advantage of the sunny weather and drove around Helsingborg, on the lookout for beautiful scenery that could serve as a background for the music video for “Who’s to say”, one of the songs on the new album. We shot some footage in a forest, and then drove on to Kullaberg, a beautiful nature reserve where I lip synced on the cliffs with the wind in my hair and the open sea behind me (sounds glamorous, but now imagine it with me being 7 months pregnant and thus quite wobbly and with said wind blowing said hair straight in my eyes and mouth for most of the time. But fun was had either way :D)IMG_1209

We also had a couple of visitors on set… First there was my spooky twin (you’ll have to wait for the video to see more of her, but here’s a little preview)


And then there was the cutest fluffiest tiniest OMG OMG I wanted to keep her little Pomeranian puppy who insisted on being held and cuddled and filmed, of course, as the star she was. Do yourself a favor and watch the videoΒ here. It’s 39 seconds of pure happiness (mostly mine, but I think the dog looks very excited as well).


Happy rest of the workweek, you guys! What’s in store the next couple of days? Any fun weekend plans in the making?




What we did last summer

I have some happy news to share! But first, a little background info…

This past summer has been so amazing, mainly because I somehow managed to squeeze in a lot of studio time (whoop whoop!) First of all there were the recordings of my second album in Zagreb with Mark, which were as much fun as the first round of album recordings back in 2015.

A couple of weeks after the Zagreb studio sessions, Daniel, Mark and me drove on to Switzerland to hang out with the Swiss band Knuts Koffer. We spent a week with them in their farmhouse studio in the middle of the Swiss countryside, basically surrounded by cows and the sound of cow bells. (That in itself would make for a perfectly spent summer holiday). But besides petting the cows, learning how to shoot arrows and having BBQ at night, we spent our time there recording Knuts Koffer newest album, of which all the songs are in Croatian (none of the band members are Croatian or speak the language)


Fun fact: Daniel and I also got to play some parts in the recordings. He played violin and I sang backing vocals on some of the songs πŸ™‚

And now it’s time for the album release concert, which will take place October 20th in Vintage Industrial Bar in Zagreb! It’s a shame we can’t make it (working full time in Sweden and expecting a baby and all) But if you are free, don’t miss it!


Concert photos

Some impressions of our concert at Paulusfeesten, Oostende earlier this month!

Bandcamp and other news

Hi everyone,

A quick check-in to tell you that our concert on Paulusfeesten in Oostende, Belgium went very well and was super fun to play! People in the crowd were dancing along, the atmosphere was warm and positive, and I think the crowd as well as us onstage had a great time.


Secondly, I finally also made the whole “Love is love” album available on Bandcamp for a pay-what-you-want formula, so go check it out here!

Thank you for reading and following along, and I wish you all a good remainder of the working week. Almost weekend! πŸ™‚

xx Viola

Upcoming concert…

Next Saturday, August 11th, I’m playing on the Paulusfeesten in Oostende, Belgium. We start at 17:30 and will play songs of my first album, “Love is love”, for about an hour. I will be accompanied by Sherry Xie on bass and backing vocals, Daniel Kuzmin on violin and rhythm, Tobias Le Compte on guitar and keys and Korneel Le Compte on guitar/ ukulele and bass. We hope to see your lovely faces in the crowd on Saturday and to chat and have some drinks with you after the show!

For the full program on Saturday, click here.


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Studio time!

We have been spending some time in Mark’s studio these last couple of days, recording the songs for album no. 2! So happy to be back here, and I can’t wait to start sharing some of the new material with all of you…

In the meantime… Happy summer! (and hopefully some holidays!)




Love is love (music video!)